Legacy Audio

Pastor John A. Lillie faithfully served Countryside for nearly 40 years as senior pastor. His teaching and preaching ministry stands as a testament to God's faithfulness in blessing His word.


Romans 1.1-4 The Good News Intro 1

Romans 1.3-7 The Good News Intro 2

Romans 1.8-15 The Good News - The impact of Faith

Romans 1.16 The Good News - Introduction to the Gospel

Romans 1.17-23 The Good News

Romans 1.24-32 The Good News - The Wrath of God Revealed

Romans 2.1-5 God's Judgment of Sin

Romans 2.6-16 God's Courtroom

Romans 2.17-24 The Failure of Privilege

Romans 2.25-29 A Faulty Confidence

Romans 3.1-8 Objections

Romans 3.9-20 The Final Verdict

Romans 3.21-26 God's Salvation

Romans 3.25b-31 God's Exhibition

Romans 4 Father Abraham Had Many Sons

Romans 4.13-16 The Inheritance of Faith

Romans 4.17-25 The Power of God

Romans 5.1-5 The Product of Justification

Romans 5.6-11 A New Reconciliation

Romans 5.12-21 A Matter of Life and Death

Romans 6.1-11 A New Life After Death

Romans 6.12-14 The Believer's Part in Sanctification

Romans 6.15-19 Who's Your Master?

Romans 6.20-23 The Deadly Delusion

Romans 7.1-6 A New Relationship

Romans 7.7-13 A New Understanding

Romans 7.14-25 The Presence of Two Desires

Romans 8.1-4 A Summary of Emancipation - A Promise of Acquittal

Romans 8.5-13 A Summary of Emancipation - A Promise of Victorious Living

Romans 8.14-17 A Summary of Emancipation - A Promise of Adoption

Romans 8.17-25 A Summary of Emancipation - A promise of Emancipation

Romans 8.26-27 A Summary of Emancipation – A Promise of Support

Romans 8.28-32 A Summary of Emancipation – A Promise of Good

Romans 9.1-5 Concern for Israel

Romans 9.6-13 Corrected Theology

Romans 9.14-18 Is God Just?

Romans 9.19-24 Is It Fair for God to Judge Sin?

Romans 9.23-33 Who are Truly God’s People?

Romans 10.1-4 False Positives

Romans 10.5-10 True Redemption

Romans 10.11-13 The Scope of Redemption

Romans 10.14-15 The Steps of Redemption

Romans 10.16-21 The Limit of Redemption

Romans 11.1-6 The Status of Israel’s Covenant

Romans 11.7-15 The Hardening of Israel

Romans 11.16-24 The Metaphor of the Olive Tree

Romans 11.25-32 The Sovereignty of God – Recording Missing

Romans 11.33-36 The Glory of God – Recording Missing

Romans 12.1 An Act of Worship

Romans 12.2 A Call to Christian Living – An Act of Separation and Transformation – Recording Missing

Romans 12.3 Attitude – A Bridge to Service

Romans 12.4-8 Ministry- The Deployment of Gifts

Romans 12.9 Ministry- The Right Foundation

Romans 12.9-13 The Principle of Love in the Actions of Believers

Romans 12.14-18 The Principle of Love In Our Relationships with Others

Romans 12. 17-21 The Principle of Love

Romans 13.1-7 The Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Men – Love and Authority

Romans 13.8-10 Love Fulfills the Law

Romans 13.11-14 Children of the Day - Recording Missing

Romans 14.1-4 Managing Personal Convictions Pt 1

Romans 14.5-12 Managing Personal Convictions Pt 2

Romans 14.13-19 Building Blocks – No Stumbling Blocks

Romans 14.20-23 Final Thoughts on Personal Convictions: Building the Church

Romans 15.1-6 The Example of Christ

Romans 16.7-13 Hospitality and Hope

Romans 15.14-19 The Passion of Christ

Romans 15.20-29 The Plan for Ministry

Romans 15.30-33 The Apostle’s Prayer for Ministry

Romans 16.1-16 Ordinary Christians

Romans 16.17-23 Final Warning

Romans 16.25-27 The Apostle’s Benediction



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