Log College

What you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. 

—2 Timothy 2:2

The challenge

Ministerial training today often becomes an academic exercise, turning out men with large personal debt but little practical experience or personal piety. The model provided by Christ and the early church, duplicated throughout history including colonial America, focuses on ministers training ministers. This self-perpetuating process culminated in ordination as men demonstrated personal conviction and genuine piety while they learned to study the Scripture carefully and teach it faithfully.

Our response

The Log College at Countryside follows this model by promoting the knowledge of God in pastoral care through our own in-house training. Through interactions in the context of the local church, we assist those who have a calling from God to become leaders and pastors who communicate clearly, pray passionately, and think biblically.

We offer

  • Challenging, God-centered training
  • Theologically-rich content
  • Personal accountability and support

We believe

  • The knowledge of God is transformative
  • The training of a minister is incremental
  • Ordination is more important than a degree

We want

  • Faithful men