Summer Outdoor Services

I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the LORD!” —Ps 122:1


We rejoice to be able to meet together again at long last! We are grateful for your flexibility, patience, and grace with us and with one another. We encourage everyone to be respectful of others. Let not the inconveniences or differences of opinion during these times get in the way of our worshiping together in the house of the LORD! 


Outdoor Service Seating

Car Zone: For those who want to participate in the service from their vehicle. 

  • Follow the parking attendants who will direct you to your parking spot.
  • Tune your radio to channel 102.3 FM. We will attempt to put smaller cars in the first row and larger vehicles in the next rows.
  • Nursery Restrooms will be available for this zone. 
  • Please enter through the nursery door. Both restrooms are unisex and will be cleaned frequently. 

Distancing Zone: For those who would like to be outside but maintain social distancing at all times.

  • North side of the parking lot near the pine trees.
  • Out of respect for all in this zone, please maintain social distancing at all times.
  • Nursery Restrooms will be available for this zone. Please enter through the nursery door. Both restrooms are unisex and will be cleaned frequently. 

Open Zone: For those who wish to mingle with others at a distance with which both parties feel      

comfortable and appropriate.

  • You are free to interact and sit with others, assuming full responsibility for yourself. However, please be considerate and cautious in your interactions. Please do not place others in uncomfortable situations by assuming that physical contact is welcome. Be cautiously discerning. Let's communicate clearly and graciously. 
  • Be sure that children do not enter the Distancing Zone.
  • Do not enter the Distancing Zone.
  • The restrooms in the gym are designated for this zone.


  • Please bring your own lawn chairs for sitting outside. 


  • An offering box will be attached to the telephone pole in the parking lot.  Offerings can be placed in the box at any time. 

Ball Diamond Parking

  • All who are able, please follow the parking attendants to park in the ball diamond and walk to the church on the trail through the woods. 

Service Time

  • The service will begin at 9:30 am. 
  • Plan to arrive at the church before 9:15 am so that all can be parked and seated by 9:30 am.
  • We will have attendants ready to direct parking by 9:00 am.

Children and Playground

  • Children can play together at the playground with adult supervision before or after the service.
  • Children should remain with families during the service. 
  • Children should not be in the parking lot.
  • Children need adult supervision to use the restrooms.


  • If you prefer to wear a mask, you are welcome to wear one. However, masks are not required for anyone in or outside the building. 

Gym Restrooms

  • All restrooms will have disinfectant wipes so that each person can wipe down surfaces after each use. 
  • If the restroom is full, please wait outside until it becomes more open. 

What about rain? If there is rain on Sunday morning, we will be holding the service inside the church building with zones. 

  • The sanctuary will be the open zone and will use the nursery restrooms. Enter the building at north entrance.

  • The gym will be the distancing zone and will use the gym restrooms. Enter the building at south entrance.
  • The FM signal will broadcast on channel 102.3 for those who want to remain in their cars during the service.  

Coffee and Half-time

  • There will be no drinks offered. Feel free to bring your own drinks. 

Will we be meeting outside all summer?

  • This determination will be made as the summer progresses. 


  • Bring a hat or umbrella for shade from the sun.
  • Bring coloring pages or paper and pens to help keep young children occupied during the service. 
  • If you are outside and have a hard time hearing, a small radio with headphones can be tuned to channel 102.3 FM. 

Test Positive

  • If you have been in close, recent contact with others at church and test positive for Covid-19, please contact one of the pastors.