Join us on Sunday mornings as we continue our series through the book of Ephesians. 

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Search Class (Sunday School 9th–Adult)

Each Sunday February–April, at 10:45 am

When Jesus Christ was baptized, the Father spoke and the Spirit descended, and we began to know God as Trinity–Father, Son, Holy Spirit–one Being, three Persons, a wonder largely hidden until Christ came.

Surprisingly this great truth has been largely overlooked by Christians, as if it were settled long ago or too speculative for daily help. And yet, without the Trinity, how could God be love? How could He avoid egotism? How could we know Him? And then, even with the Trinity, how should we talk to God? Should we sing to Jesus only? Should we insist on calling God Father and not Mother (or Parent)? Should we pray to the Spirit? All together? And how does the Trinity affect our experience of salvation and worship?

Please join us in Search Class as we explore together the wonder of our Three-Person God!

The single greatest event in the history of the world is

the entrance of Jesus, the Son of God, into humanity.

His life, death, and resurrection shapes
who we are and what we do.

His triumph is our hope.

His word, our guide.

His glory, our goal.