SUNDAYS 9:00 AND 10:45 AM

September 3–October 29, at 9:00 am

The Way of the Master Evangelism – Come to learn this method of evangelism popularized by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, which seeks to present the gospel message in a clear and concise way, using the Ten Commandments as a framework for explaining the need for salvation. 

September 3–October 1, at 10:45 am

Pictures of the Cross in the Old Testament – Pictures tell stories. God left us markers in the old Testament in the form of pictures intended to illustrate His nature and point us toward the final fulfilment of His love, mercy, grace, and justice in the cross of Jesus Christ. Join us as we take a closer look at specific stories and the pictures they paint which point us toward a greater understanding of the purpose and meaning of the cross and all that Christ accomplished in and through it.

The single greatest event in the history of the world is

the entrance of Jesus, the Son of God, into humanity.

His life, death, and resurrection shapes
who we are and what we do.

His triumph is our hope.

His word, our guide.

His glory, our goal.