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The Intertestamental Period


Search Class (Sunday School 9th–Adult)

Each Sunday morning in May, at 10:45 am

After 400 "silent" years following the Old Testament, the New Testament opens to a very different setting: Rome, Herod, Magi, Samaritans, Sanhedrin, Pharisees, Sadducees, rabbis, synagogues, scriptures written in Greek, and Jewish communities spread throughout the known world. 

This course aims to provide the background for a better understanding of the political, cultural, and religious world in which the New Testament is set; how the Bible as we have received it came to be accepted as canon; and how God continued to work with His people, Israel, in the periods between the Testaments.

The single greatest event in the history of the world is

the entrance of Jesus, the Son of God, into humanity.

His life, death, and resurrection shapes
who we are and what we do.

His triumph is our hope.

His word, our guide.

His glory, our goal.