About Us

Our History

The Countryside Bible Church began in 1939 with a handful of believers from the Mosherville and Omega (the area surrounding Cobb Lake) communities. They fashioned a small building into a chapel in Mosherville Station and met Sunday afternoons for Bible study led by the Rev. Blossom, the pastor of the North Adams Baptist Church. When he moved from the North Adams area, pastor Stanley Blowers from the Hanover Baptist Church took over.

Finding our place

It was not until 1947 that the congregation was large enough to call their own pastor, Rev. Neal Crapo. His vision was to see a church incorporating the communities of Mosherville Station and Omega, the last two stops on the train run from Jonesville to Jackson. In 1948, the old train station, now located on the Buehrer farm at 1581 E. Litchfield Road, was purchased. This building had been used for a number of farm purposes including raising animals, but it now was cleaned and remolded into a place of worship. The next year, the church organized and adopted the name, Friendship Church of Omega.

Changing our name

In the years to follow, pastors Grindle, Grimes, Jackson, Wonders and Schoen would each have opportunity to shepherd this flock. In 1965 the growing congregation needed more room and decided to build a new building. It was started in September of that year and dedicated almost one year later. Along with the new building, a new name was given this congregation, The Countryside Bible Church. Following Schoen were pastors Matthews, Afman, Wheaton and Balcom.

Growing in size

In February of 1981 Pastor Lillie became the 13th pastor of the church. He, his wife and three children had been involved in Christian camp ministries before accepting the call to Countryside. In March of 1987, the church broke ground on a 8,000 square foot addition. On September 10, 1989, the building which cost $156,000 was dedicated. Although it took three years to complete, it was finished without a mortgage.

Over the past several years at Countryside we have been striving to be more effective in reaching our community for Christ and training up believers to live more passionately for the Glory of God. This has been a wonderful growing and stretching time for us as a church family. We look forward to the years ahead as we continue to see God work in the lives to accomplish His will in our church, community and world.