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Our Faith

  • The Bible, made up of 66 books, is in its entirety the Word of God. It is equal in all parts and without error in the original writings. It is the final authority in all matters of faith and life.

    There is one sovereign God, who exists eternally in three persons - Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Each fully possesses all divine attributes and each is equally deserving of worship and obedience.

    The Father orders and controls all things and is the author of salvation. He provides the opportunity for salvation because He loves the world.

    The Son, Jesus the Messiah, has always existed and became man through the virgin birth. This resulted in Him being both completely God and completely man; He lived a sinless life and died to pay the penalty for our sins. He was resurrected on the third day and is preparing to return to gather His Church.

    The Holy Spirit was sent to convince people of their sin, to restrain evil that is in the world and to provide for the needs of God's people through His work of baptizing, sealing, indwelling, filling and bestowing spiritual gifts upon God's children.

    Man was created in God's image, but because of the willful disobedience of the first man, Adam, all mankind is separated from God, and sinners by our inherited nature and by choice.

    The only way man can be restored to relationship and fellowship with God is through God's work, not by our works. Christ's death paid the penalty for sin, and God graciously offers forgiveness to all who accept His pardon. This acceptance is by faith and involves

    1. recognition of our sinfulness and inability to save ourselves,
    2. repentance - turning away from our sinfulness and rebellion and
    3. surrender to Christ as Lord of your life.

    All those who truly believe are kept by God's power and are secure in their relationship with Christ forever.

    The church, the body of Christ, is made up of all true believers. It is God's intent that every believer be an active part of a local church in order to fellowship with other believers, to serve, worship, and mature in that body. It is God's organization He works through to accomplish His plan in this day.

    The believers and unbelievers will both be resurrected, the believers to everlasting blessedness and the unbelievers to everlasting separation from God and punishment.