The Huddle

Posted on Sept. 28, 2014 by Wally Metts.

Countryside men, please join us for a new men’s fellowship, the Huddle. It is a way for our men to get together for fellowship and encouragement while watching a game together.

The Huddle meets at Tim Wells’ home at 1927 Wildwood Dr. in Hillsdale. It is just off State St. about 1 1/2 mile from Hillsdale College. The evening will include a brief devotional from the Word.

This month the Huddle meets on October 16 (Colts vs. Texans) and October 25 (Michigan vs. Michigan State). If you are going to watch the game, watch it with you brothers in Christ. Unless, of course, your wife would rather you watch it with her.

Otherwise, we hope to see you there.