Matthew releases new album

Posted on Aug. 2, 2014 by Wally Metts.

Countryside’s own Matthew Parker has released a new CD: Love Unheard Of. He also signed an agreement with Dröm Records, pronounced “Drome.”

“This deal definitely means that I will have opportunities to work with more influential artists, as well as reach many more people with my music than I could on my own,”Matthew said.

The new CD brings many of his older standards up to the current quality of his work. His favorite piece on the new project is “Love Divine.” “It sounds cool and has a theme that is in my music a lot--that we need God and His Love in our souls and lives,” he said. The CD is available on iTunes and also at the book table.

He is already working on his next album, which will be his first with the new record label. It represents a new direction for him musically and will sound “surprisingly different,” he said. He believes there is a place for these nontraditional styles, a gap he hopes to fill.

“I want to reach people that Contemporary Christian music is overlooking,” Matthew says. “But I will follow wherever the Lord leads, and I guess we’ll see where that is, won’t we?”