Veronica Dillyard and her mother Heather were both baptized Easter morning, April 8, 2012.

Resurrection Celebration

Posted on April 14, 2012 by Wally Metts.

Nine people were baptized at Countryside on Easter morning following a sunrise breakfast at the church. Pastor John Lillie described baptism as the outward demonstration or a spiritual reality that had already occurred— identification with the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. Easter morning is a great time to be baptized, he said, as we celebrate this very reality.

Associate pastor Rob Stewart baptized Jacob Mueller, Karla Schaerer, Kathryn Schaerer, Heather Dillyard Veronica Dillyard, Evan Duncan, Brielle Duncan, Thomas Dinkleman and Amy Bahe. Each person told their story of conversion and growth.

Stewart said, "It was a joy for all of us to hear how the God has opened the eyes of so many in our church to the Gospel over these past few years. It was a great way to spend Easter morning,"